Event Photography

This is where it all started. From an early age I have been photographing motocross bikes. I started racing at the age of eight so was always around the motocross tracks and the love I have for the sport shows in the images. They always say if you know the subject you predict whats going to happen and the better images follow.

I am the photographer at NSJMCC and have been for a few years now. Being their photographer has enabled me to develop my event photography skills so I take the photos at the beginning and then print the same day so competitors  can have a photo from the days event. This format I have transferred to black tie and presentation evenings. A quick studio portrait as the guests arrive, photography of the presentations. All images printed on to contact sheets so the guests can pick and choose  the images they would like to purchase. Events I have been involved  in include  sporting presentation evenings, civic receptions, golden weddings, summer balls,  new year eve to name a few.

If you have an event you would like covered contact me to find out how I can make the event more memorable for your guests.   

piper at snetterton