Now that you are some way to choosing your photographer, I thought it may be helpful to share some hints and tips with you that I’ve picked up. If you have been in touch with me by phone we may have already discussed and planned some of the points, but I’ve found that it often helps to have this as a reminder.


 Planning of the day 

If you have to get back from anywhere e.g.: hairdressers, it is wise to allow far more time than usual. The last thing you want on your Wedding Day is to be stressed because you are running late.


It is a good idea to think about when you will eat during the day and you also need to think about your guests who have travelled a long way. Normally, a church ceremony will take just under an hour before you are able to receive your guests.


Think about how long it takes to get to the reception (bear in mind you may have hold-ups along the way!) and whether you will be having a receiving line before you sit down. I suggest that you have at least an hour and a half, preferably two hours between arrival and going in to eat or to receive your guests. This will allow me time to take photographs of the two of you and groups of your guests.


 What guests hate about wedding photographers 

So many people have been to a wedding where the photographer takes absolutely ages.


What can you do to help? Don’t have a huge list of group photographs. If you do, I will probably take ages too, as there is always somebody missing when they are needed! As a general rule, 5 groups will take about 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of them. It is always a good idea to choose some:-


 Efficient ushers 

It is helpful to you and me if you choose ushers who between them will know both sides of the families and friends. At the reception, I will need their help to go and get anybody who is required to be in a group photograph.


 Be firm with others about when to be ready by 

Before the Wedding Day I will have a chat with you to work out where I will be and at what time. I have found that the groom is ready, but that the best man hasn’t even arrived or that the bride is ready, but the bridesmaids haven’t had their hair or make-up done.


 Chaos and tension in the house

To be avoided wherever possible! If you think that you will need your space in the hours before your wedding, say so! If there are a lot of people fighting for the bathroom and all trying to get dressed at the same time, then tension could rise, especially if the house or hotel room is not large.


 Provide written directions

Ensure that guests who are travelling from a distance have clear directions about how to get to the ceremony and the reception. It may be worthwhile including a map with the invitations. One thing you may wish to consider is putting the ceremony time on the invitations as 15 minutes earlier than it actually is - you wouldn’t believe the number of guests who creep in late to wedding ceremonies!


 Keeping clean

This bit is for the bride! Every bride wants to arrive at the ceremony looking spotless; however, the very colour and nature of bridal wear means that every single speck of dirt will show. When choosing shoes think about how they will look if they get wet. Unless it is pouring with rain I will be taking photographs at various outdoor locations, this will inevitably mean that you pick up the odd mark or two! Please don’t worry about this (funky wellies, hockey boots, trainers or flip flops may add a bit of humour to a photo and they will also protect your shoes for when you go back inside!) - The most important thing for you is to:-


 Enjoy your day! 

I will do all I can to help you enjoy your Wedding Day, and when you come back from honeymoon you can re-live it again when you see your photographs. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or ideas, please feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to help.